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Yangzhou Leader Engineering Technologies Co.,Ltd. is established in 1997.The company's old name is Yangzhou Leader Metallurgical Engineering Co.,Ltd.We changed the old name to the current name at 2007/4/28.For many years,the company works on one package service of the design,manufacture,installation and testing of metallurgy,mechanical,mine equipment,and environment protection non-standard equipment.At 2009,the company established the Base of Production,Education and Research with Wuhan University,this action improved the company's level of research and innovation.The company always keeps good reputation of good faith,cooperates with many well-known domestic scientific research institutes and international companies;therefore,our product and service are able to stand on the domestic market and extend to the world.

About the technical and the quality control,the company adopts CAD computer assistant design and CAPP technique computer assistant software,comprehensive use of ERP management software,PLM product life circle mangement software and PROJECT production item mangement system.The company received ISO9001 quality system certificate,ISO14000 environment management system certificate,ISO18000 occupational safety and health management ststem certificate at the early period of the company,ant obtained the title of"Jiangsu Honor Contact and Good Faith Enterprise".For many years,the company takes the safety,quality and good faith as the business principle,works on the improvement of the product and the service to establish our own brand.

Yangzhou Leader Engineering and Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a pragmatic,open,innovaive and energetic company,willing to cooperate with variety enterprise with good faith,sharing the together mutually beneficially results.We are full of the hope of the future.

Yangzhou Leader's future will be more beautiful.


★Yangzhou Leader Engineering Technologies Co.,Ltd. whole-hearterly take part in International Youth'One hundred kilometers walk of China's Grande Canale.

★Yangzhou Leader Engineering Technologies Co.,Ltd. and Wuhan University of Science and Technology will build Post doctoral innovation practice base together.

★Warmly celebration to Yangzhou Leader Engineering Technologies Co.,Ltd. for topped the honour roll of sincerity.

★Shining,the chairman of Yangzhou Leader Engineering Technologies Co.,Ltd. won the title of Jiangsu's faith star.

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